Discovery our producers : Mirabelle of Lorraine

The plum of Lorraine, the Mirabelle: small plum of a golden yellow, tender and sweet flesh. As tasty as it is round, it blends perfectly in our preparations for your greatest pleasure!

You can find it on the markets in August and September, you can enjoy it all year long in a pie, but all year long, it is in jam that you can best appreciate the Mirabelle of Lorraine.

For the writing of this article we went to meet Mr Bertrand Perrin, producer of organic Mirabelle plum located in Lorraine and member of the Vegafruits cooperative!

What is the Mirabelle of Lorraine ?

Discovery our producers : Mirabelle of Lorraine

The Mirabelle of Lorraine is a round fruit with a fine aroma and a very subtle perfume. Its taste is sweet with some notes of acidity.

This fruit is harvested in August and September, the harvest usually lasts between 5 and 6 weeks

The question that many people ask is why 80% of the world production of Mirabelle plum grows only in Lorraine?

This is because the Lorraine region has the right climate and soil (cold winters and temperate summers, a heavy clay soil that gives the fruit its full flavor). These ideal conditions and the historical know-how of the producers guarantee a fruit with an authentic taste and optimal maturity!

Mirabelle de Lorraine Article Confit de Provence Vergers des Alpille
Bertrand Perrin & the Mirabelle

I experienced my first harvest in 2000, my aunt and uncle are also producers. I participated in the harvest since I was 15 / 16 years old and I gradually became passionate about this exceptional fruit. I set up as a producer in 2011 on a farm that now has 56 hectares of orchard, 38 of which are Mirabelle of Lorraine.

Our farm does a lot of hand picking, it concerns 40% of the volumes! What I like about this job, apart from the unique gustatory pleasure, is the freshness, the youth and the dynamism that exists within the collective of producers to which I belong, the Vegafruits cooperative.

Discovery our producers : Mirabelle of Lorraine

Harvest is my favorite time, there are lots of people in the orchards. And then it is the concretization of the work of a year or even several years

My favorite way to enjoy it is on a nice fresh Pie or mixed with a compote!

My favorite recipe is still the Mirabelle jam tart!

Discovery our producers : Mirabelle of Lorraine

The organic Mirabelle of Lorraine is a fruit that you can find in our different brands:

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Discovery our producers : Mirabelle of Lorraine

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