The "Plan France Relance"

Confit de Provence

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The "Plan France Relance"

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Our achievement

We completely modernised the production tool’s end-of-line process.

The company used to pack its jam jars in cardboard trays (primary packaging), then in plastic packaging (secondary packaging).


The new process

We wanted to meet consumer expectations and reduce our environmental footprint by using 100% bio-sourced and 100% recyclable materials for our packaging.

The new end-of-line process has enabled us to pack jam jars in 100% cardboard packaging. These investments have also led to a significant increase in our productivity and responsiveness.

This has greatly enhanced Confit de Provence’s competitiveness in its markets.


Problems avoided, sustainability assured

Finally, a large number of repetitive tasks have been automated to significantly improve working conditions for our employees.

This project has enabled us to ensure the long-term viability of our business and strengthen the skills of our employees, while considerably reducing our environmental footprint.


Boosting a market

As our company mainly markets organic labelled products, this project is also part of an initiative to boost and promote the organic fruit sector.

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