Too Good To Go comes to Confit de Provence


It was in Copenhagen that the company Too Good To Go revalued its first meal. Three and a half years later, the company has saved 29 million meals, avoiding more than 72,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (the equivalent of running 15,000 cars for a year). Thanks to this community of 18 million users nicknamed “waste warriors” and thanks to the 38,000 restaurants, shops, cafes and food producers in the 14 partner countries, the company manages to save one meal per second and is growing year on year.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account on the application (Links below). You will then be geolocated to see which partner merchants around you are offering to save baskets. You can also choose the location you prefer. Little tip, we are located at 5135 Route d’Avignon in Puyricard !
  2. Reserve the surprise basket of your choice. A little tip: the baskets are available for the next day 15 minutes after the end of the day’s collection (if there is one).
  3. Save the planet and get your baskets! Think about the oceans and bring back your own packaging and containers.
    You will be reminded of the time and day of collection in the confirmation email and in the receipt that you will find in the app. Once there, present us your receipt and we will validate it.

Small precision but not the least: the basket is “surprise”. It is not possible to choose or specify what you want in your basket since we prepare the baskets according to your unsold products. And even if you end up with a product you don’t like, share it with your loved ones!

Application download links

App Store

Google Play

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