Flowers from Provence Honey – IGP Organic Honey 250g

Discover our Organic Provence Flower Honey IGP certified !

Harvested and bottled by the SCEA de la Forêt des Maures (84), our Provence Flower Honey is delicate, aromatic and smooth.

The Honey all flowers of Provence PGI has a richness of flavors depending on the flowers butted. This one is conducive to crystallization, which will make it even better!

Our range of Organic Honey is also certified by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label.

Product benefits :

. 100% Natural Product
. Certified Protected Geographical Indication
. Made in Provence

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Ingredients : 100% Organic Provence Flower Honey

Content : 250g

Manufacturing :France

Main source of honey :Provence – France


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