The EAFRD Project

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The EAFRD Project

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Manufacturers must now adapt to markets and consumer demand in transition.

They are now buying more responsibly and paying more attention to the environmental impact of the products they consume.

The jams are placed in glass jars, which are then grouped by six in a first cardboard packaging (tray), itself packed in a secondary plastic packaging.

This material poses a number of problems from an environmental point of view. Indeed, its manufacture is based on oil, the industry of which is extremely polluting.


Our ambitions

Confit de Provence wishes to completely modify its end-of-line process to use only 100% recyclable and biosourced materials. Use of 100% cardboard packaging.


Integration of the project into a sectoral dynamic

Confit de Provence markets mainly AB-labelled products, nearly 80% of them. These investments will therefore enable the company to perpetuate its activity and work towards the development of the organic sector.


Economic objectives

The machines and equipment will be equipped with the latest technology to ensure a gain in productivity and a better resilience of the production tool and to allow the doubling of the production rate.


Strategic objectives

– Reducing the environmental footprint

– Improvement of working conditions by automating the most arduous tasks

– Strengthening the company’s brand image


Impact of the project

– Increasing the resilience of the production tool

– Comfort/Reinforcement of market positions

– Securing the 27 jobs in the company

– Reduction of operator drudgery

– Increasing the competence of operators

– Reduction of the company’s environmental footprint

– Boosting the organic fruit sector

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