Bitter Orange – Marmalade 370 g

Discover our new product in 2021: Bitter Orange Marmalade!

A classic English breakfast treat, this bitter orange marmalade is sure to please. Very fragrant and tasty, it can be used in cakes such as scones, rolls, etc. and, of course, spread on hot toast.
Do you know the difference between marmalade and jam? The term marmalade is used exclusively for citrus fruit jams! Originally it designated the jams made with only the pulp of citrus fruits. Today, the addition of zest and small pieces of peel is allowed… and it is so good!

Cooked in a cauldron, this jam is prepared with carefully selected fruits and cane sugar.

We do not add any preservatives or artificial colourings to our jams. They are produced following traditional recipes, preserving the aromas, flavours and texture of the fruit.

Product benefits:

. Marmalade
. Cooked in a cauldron
. Made in Provence




Cane sugar, bitter orange with peel (EU), jelling agent: fruit pectin.

Nutritional values per 100 g:
. Energy: 250 kcal/1,061 kJ
. Fat: 0.2 g
of which saturated fatty acids<0.2 g
. Carbohydrates: 61 g
of which sugars: 60 g
. Dietary fibre: 1 g
. Protein: 0.5 g
. Salt< 0.05 g

Allergens:Possible traces of nuts.

Capacity:370 g


Origin:Agriculture EU/non EU


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