Blueberry Elderberry – Organic Jam 100% fruit 290g

Discover our low sugar Blueberry Elderberry Jam!

Our 100% low-fat jam from Blueberry Elderberry Fruit can be enjoyed as is and diluted in hot water it will become a soothing drink.

We do not use any preservatives or colorants in the manufacture of our products. This light jam is elaborated with rigorously selected fruits and concentrated grape juice from organic farming according to traditional recipes, allowing to preserve the aromas, the perfumes and the texture of the fruit.

Product benefits :

. Elder : depurative and soothing properties
. 30% fewer calories than an extra jam
. Made in Provence



Ingredients : Blueberry 49%*, Grape juice concentrate, Surreau concentrate 8%, fruit pectin.
*From Organic Agriculture

Average nutritional values per 100g :

Fat 0,2g
of which saturated fatty acids<0,05g
Carbohydrates 35g
of which sugars 33g
Dietary fiber 5.1g
Protein 0,6g

Allergens: Possible traces of nuts

Capacity :290g

Manufacturing :France

Origin :Agriculture EU / non EU


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